Evening Quiescence


Performed by the First & Franklin Choir and harpist Jacqueline Pollauf on 12/11/16 at F&F's annual Choral Candlelight Concert. Featuring soloists Belinda Lau, Anna Pollitt, Meredith Smith (sopranos), Imhotep McClean (tenor), and John McLucas (baritone). Conducted by Christian Humcke.

Poetry and music by Christian Humcke


Evening Quiescence

Singing softly to the trustful, warming night
where nascent dreams abound in flight.
The placid valley where waxen snow will fall;
snow so tender, so purely bright.

Wind is silver, shadows tall
trees in murmuring, one to all.
breathe through lake of ice, river slow.
Evening quiescence, embrace that lulling call.

A hush will sweep over darkened village low
ripples flutter under shimmering wings aglow.
And on this night of sparkling grace
hallowed trees, warm earth below.

Whose truth is known in midnight space
to rest upon that easy, breathing pace.
To all above and all below,
this is that heavenly, holy place.

Christian Humcke