Rustic Night


Written in January 2015. Performed by the Bucknell University Chorale, conducted by Christian Humcke.

Poem by Christian Humcke:

When darkness swallows up the moon
And sheets of nightfall swamp the dune
The trees resound with hollowed moans;
The crickets chant their rustic tune.

When ocean speaks in cyclic drones
And looks into the sky of bones
The waves give whispered, ancient yawns;
The winds give crisp and soothing tones.

A place where sparrows of the dawn
Will flit across the bridge that's drawn;
The bridge that runs across the dream
Will be a path for golden fawn.

Resplendent stars' cascading gleam
Illuminate the hidden stream.
Through summer bronze, through autumn rust,
Through winter rice and spring of cream.

When storms come forth in mighty gust
and earth reveals its speckled crust,
Then all the rocks will turn to sand,
And all the sand will turn to dust.

Christian Humcke